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Bookkeeping services

Accounts receivable, accounts payable, profit and loss, balance sheets, general ledgers,
and more.

Audit Defense

Our team of attorneys and skilled negotiators will work with you to build a wining
Our specialists have spent years understanding the audit process, and are skilled in
every aspect of appeals and procedure.
We will take your case through the appeals process.

Payroll Services

Easy Setup and Maintenance. Employee and Employer reports at your fingertips.
Eliminate record keeping head aches.

Liability Representation

We specialize in representing the interests of Taxpayers with outstanding and
escalated tax debt.
We stop notices demanding repayment and threatening to garnish wages and/or
bank accounts. We fight to have all qualifying penalties and interest removed from
principal. We negotiate the amount owed, create payment agreements, and much
much more.

We help our clients succeed by delivering tax results that matter

How it Works...

Effective tax solutions
for every Client


Comprehensive Consultation coupled with a free financial analysis to determine
what plans and programs and rates you qualify for. We then move into risk management research based forecasting.

Protect & Investigate

Our initial step is establishing IRS contact to protect our clients. We then apply
compliance actions in which we De-escalate and investigate the unique tax
situation. In addition to this we apply asset protection measures ensuring you are
free from wage garnishment, levies and other adverse actions


The next step is to apply the benefits of third party professional representation with current tax codes to negotiate the most savings and provide the best path to future success.


After our process you will be free from the IRS, and have all your tax issues resolved, and hopefully get a better nights sleep!

Save Money, Save Time and Sleep Well
Who's Representing Your Interests?

We work with clients from all over the U.S. providing comprehensive and exhaustive solutions to
thousands of satisfied clients. Let us help you make the transition to freedom. Get back what is
important, your time and peace of mind.

Advanced tax strategy and expert consultation.

We are our experts in identifying your current tax situation and creating a favorable outcome with the vast set of tools at our disposal.
Advisory & Financial Consulting
Tax Reductions
Legal Consultancy
Top-Notch Customer Service
And More...

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