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Tax Services

Tax Solutions that protects your assets

Tax services

We present you with the best in tax support and resolution.
We will keep you informed and support you through out the entire process, shouldering most of the work and guide your tax situation to a positive resolution.

Stop Wage Garnishments

We end wage garnishment for you, freeing up spending money and hard earned cash

Lift Bank Levies

Experience the freedom of the removal of your bank levies

Remove Tax Liens

Our approach is highly effective in the removal of tax liens.

File Your Back Tax Returns

We file back taxes for you making taxes simpler than ever.

IRS Tax Audits

Make tax audits straight forward and resolve them quickly with us.

Navigate your IRS Tax Matter with a Professional

Negotiate an IRS Tax Settlement with favorable results.

Negotiate Unpaid Payroll Taxes

We negotiate for you, using our many years of payroll tax experience.

Save Time, Save Money & Sleep more peacefully

Save thousands let us guide you to tax resolution.

Client’s feedback

“GREAT JOB!!! Tax Advocate Group was able to release my wage garnishment,within days, This is a Fantastic company, If You have any tax issues , Please give them a call!!!!!”

Jack Mills
Jack Mills

“I went to the Tax Advocate Group in order to finish my tax problem I had a few different people try to complete my issues with the IRS but really all they did was push paper around and keep my guessing on my next move. The Tax Advocate Group really went to work straightaway, got me a deal I could afford and made the whole thing a understandable process that I could live with”

Rex Watson
Rex Watson

“The Best!!! Excellent service and follow through. Very thoughtful staff and they will keep you updated with what is going on, and any situations that come up were handled immediately. They were able to do what I thought could never be done. Thank you Tax Advocate Group”

Cassie Ventura
Cassie Ventura

“I had not filed my taxes in years and decided to call Tax Advocate Group. It was the best decision I ever made. Their very experienced staff of IRS Enrolled Agents, CPA’S and Attorneys are 2nd to none. They not only took care of my IRS problem, but gave peace of mind.”

Decker Combs
Decker Combs

“When you receive a letter in the mail that has IRS on it – you tend to lose a lot of sleep and sometimes don’t even open the envelope! I’ve had that experience and after making contact, I have to tell you, I slept better”

Blanche Smith
Blanche Smith

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